Outsourced DPO

Our outsource service provides you with a highly experienced Data Protection Officer (DPO) who works on your site or remotely as an integral member of your team.

You benefit from a knowledgeable, hands-on data protection professional who undertakes the DPO’s responsibilities in an extremely cost-effective way, and is backed by the support, shared best practice and model documentation.

We help organizations become more ethical and competitive

At our core, we adopt a comprehensive perspective when it comes to risk management and compliance. While our teams possess the expertise to address immediate challenges with technical solutions, our approach goes beyond reactive problem-solving. We are committed to supporting management decision-making processes. By identifying systemic or structural issues, we empower organizations across all industries to enhance their ethics, resilience, and competitiveness.

With our outsourced DPO services, we help protect your organisation data, processes about your customers, suppliers and employees to keep your organisation informed.

After which, we will give tailored advice about your data protection loopholes and where necessary, cooperate with regulators on your behalf.

Why Do You Need Our Outsourced DPO Services?

Account Management

Your DPO’s activities are monitored and managed from our DPO Centre with our experienced project delivery team, so time is effectively managed and the attention of your your management team is not divided.

Client Services

We provide the oversight necessary to ensure we always deliver an appropriate, structured, co-ordinated and quality-driven service.

Schedule of Works

Our DPOs follow a tried-and-tested range of duties from a Schedule of Works that has been developed through working with our wide-range of clients. Our SOW is backed by The 7 principles of the GDPR which means we clearly demonstrate and regularly report on where compliance levels improve and how risk is evolving and reducing over time.

Model Documentation

Engaging with our DPO Centre means you benefit from access to our constantly evolving and improving central pool of processes and proven model documentation. This entail that we only assign tried and tested documentation, rather than having to research and create them from scratch.

Primary and Secondary DPOs

We assign both a primary and secondary DPO. Both will be involved in your initial onboarding process, meaning two DPOs remain familiar with your organisation, stakeholders and data landscape.

While your primary DPO takes responsibility for the role within the resource level agreed, the secondary DPO remains available to step in to cover any period of absence or to replace your primary DPO should it ever be required, at no extra cost.

Expert Advice Line

Our advice line acts like a ‘concierge service’ that ensures you are provided with answers to your questions directly, or where specific knowledge of your organisation or processing activities is required, they are escalated to your DPOs for a more detailed or personal response.

Large Data Protection Team

Your DPO will be drawn from a team of permanently employed DPOs, so they benefit from being able to consult with and draw knowledge from their colleagues such that any interpretations of law and decisions made are derived from a far wider and greater faceted knowledge base.

Knowledge & Expertise

Our DPO Centre has provided data protection related services to over 20 clients from a wide variety of sectors. This means our team draws upon a breadth of knowledge far deeper with our team of engineers capable to deliver secured and efficient services for your data protection needs.

Expected loss reduction

We assisted a leading merchant acquirer in the travel and airline industries with risk management and compliance, resulting in reduced exposure, lower expected losses, and increased profitability in high-risk sectors during a crisis. We successfully reduced the client’s exposure by over one-third and mitigated expected losses by approximately 85% during this turbulent period.


A global USA bank partnered with us to enhance their treasury, asset and liability management operating models, as well as their liquidity and interest rate risk management process. Through this transformational engagement, we made revisions to the client’s behavioral models and hedging strategy

Automotive industry

We designed and implemented a global integrity and compliance program for a world-leading automobile manufacturer. The program focused on implementing processes and inspiring people, strengthening governance and processes across more than 500 legal entities worldwide. Through diverse communication, training, and enablement initiatives, we engaged all employees on the path to achieving sustainable culture change.

Client results

Explore our success stories to see how we have helped businesses like yours overcome challenges and achieve tangible results.

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