Sycom Solutions ZTNA solution delivers secure network access through dynamic, policy-based authentication, ensuring only verified users and devices can access specific resources. It assesses identity, device health, and access context in real-time, granting the least privilege necessary. This scalable, flexible approach supports remote work by integrating with corporate and cloud infrastructures, enhancing security while simplifying user access.

Our Access Security Broker (CASB) are built from the ground up to fit with todays hybrid working environment, ensuring your corporate devices are secure and adhering to policy no matter where they are.

Why ZTNA Web?

Speed of Deployment

ZTNA offers rapid deployment
across diverse environments unlike VPN thus enabling businesses to
enhance their security posture
with minimal delay and it takes record time to deploy.


By eliminating the need for
costly hardware and reducing
operational overhead, ZTNA
significantly lowers the total
cost of ownership compared
to traditional VPN solutions.

Precise Access

ZTNA provides precise control
over user access, ensuring
individuals can only reach the
specific resources necessary
for their tasks. You can also set
temporary times access.

Enhanced Security

Implementing ZTNA improves
overall security by adopting
a “never trust, always verify”
approach, reducing the risk
of data breaches and cyber



As companies need continuous visibility, we deploy this to ensure control across managed and unmanaged cloud services without crashing existing IT systems.

Compliance Policy
Regulatory, local and governmental compliance regulations are increasing for cloud-based applications.
Data Security

Our CASB service protects any data that is travelling to, within and stored in the cloud reducing the risks of costly data leaks.

Threat Protection

We use the data from typical user patterns to identify malicious
behaviour and activities as well as negligent behaviour.

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