Human Risk Reporting

With our Human Risk Reporting, you can monitor the cyber risk within your organization and demonstrate compliance.

You can also measure the impact of your cyber awareness efforts with ongoing human risk score designed to aid your decision making and effective cyber monitoring.
Rate Cybersecurity Awareness

This we do to track how your users’ cyber security posture strengthens over time by analysing company-wide course participation, performance and digging deep into individual progress within their IT systems.

Detect High-Risk Areas

We then identify which areas of your business possess a high level of human cyber vulnerability by segmenting reports into departments, job functions, seniority and more.

Visualize Your Human Risk

Here, we fuse all of your users’ performance metrics into one holistic risk score, allowing you to easily understand your human cyber posture and how this changes over time.

Showcase Compliance Efforts

Finally, we simplify compliance by continuously tracking training progress and policy approvals all in one accessible place, thereby making your IT audit easy to understand.


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